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Directors: Jordan Peele;
release Date: 2019;
116 Min;
Liked it: 196799 votes;
country: USA

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Jordan Peele is excellent. Loved his Run and BlacKkKlansman and I was super hyped to watch this one.
Well, bummer. Awful movie. Even though it has excellent actors, nice photography, the whole movie makes absolutely no sense at all. It’s all a huge confusion that mislead the watcher the whole time.
2/10 (only because of the actors.

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Painfully awkward in a bizarre way. Big fan of jordan peele. Not his best.
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The worst movie I laughed a lot and very boring movie don’t watch this movie it’s a crap.
Great acting, great foundation for a story all wasted on some VERY POOR twists. The biggest stinker is at the end. Outside of a couple of funny jokes, the writing just destroyed this film.

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